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Investigating How To Do Financial Planning

We all love to dream about the future we want. However, many of us don't like the idea of holding our finances and preparing a fiscal plan. It seems that our dream of our future is the fun part. However, planning sounds like tedious and tedious work. This is evident by the very fact that 65% of the people don't have a financial plan.

FAQ's: Financial Planning?I got a few questions about a career in Financial Planning. 1) What are some good firms located in Sydney/Australia. 2) What are the odds of getting a Financial Planning job in Sydney? 3) Is Financial Planning a job that not many people do, for example, lots of people do Hairdressing, making it hard to get into, what is Financial Planning like in that terms? If you can only answer 1 of these questions that is still cool. Thanks, lol.
  • Almost all the investment bank (Macquarie) and commercial banks (ANZ) offer financial planning services. 2) If you don't mind being a grunt, then the chances are good. However, if you want a good, front-line job that pays well - then you need experience. Remember, you have to tell people who have the experience and business acumen to MAKE lots of money what to do with their money. If you're a fresher, you're going to have to set your sights lower. 3) It is a hugely commoditized business service. There are tens of thousands of people in the business. I know. I own a financial planning business on the side. It's very, very, very competitive.
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