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Canadian Musician Clarified

This is a repost for single musicians who wish to break into music working as a sideman and learning ways to promote yourself to other bands, and to assist them as well. It's alway about creating value, value, value for other musicians. It's not about just making a buck. Never be out for a quick buck as a working musician or you will fail before you get started. I always stress getting started slowly to learn the ropes and listen and learn from other players who've succeeded.

As much as mortal may be a major player, if they've never made a buck and badmouth other players, please steer clear of them. If they never made a buck but have good things to say and can teach you, let them show you their way, but follow and learn from top players who actually are making a good buck. Dig a little deeper click here.

Scientists found that being a musician didn't offer any advantage in the pure-tone thresholds test, across the age span. However, in the three other auditory tasks? mistuned harmonic detection, speech, and gap detection-in-noise? musicians showed a clear advantage over non-musicians and this advantage gap widened as both groups got older. By age 70, the average musician was in a position to understand speech in a noisy environment as well as an average 50 year old non-musician, suggesting that lifelong musicianship can delay this age-related decline by 20 years.

Broadening The Canadian Musician Circle

Most importantly, the three assessments where musicians demonstrated an advantage all rely on auditory processing in the brain, while pure-tone thresholds do not. This suggests that lifelong musicianship mitigates age-related variations in the brains of musicians. This is probably due to musicians using their auditory systems at a higher level on a regular basis. In other words, 'use it or lose it'. In case you are intrigued by this topic; look into; http://maritzhome.blog.com/?p=12.

Money is not everything and it should not be a motor for you. It's all about relationships with people. But listen and learn from both the creative and business side of being a musician. But start off with these few tips I'm giving you in this small article. Please be kind to other musicians and do what the right to help musicians and constitute a better player.

I know a lot of players out there are afraid of being out there on stage, but it is important to get into the realm of insecurity and make mistakes. Even in the public eye. Being able to make mistakes and be criticized for your playing will be a tell all sign if you have got thick enough skin mentally to handle being on stage.

Most say they do. However, the truth is most don't. Start by just jamming at home with friends and playing a few songs you know. Not ones you cannot handle. The thing is, musicians say they'll go to jam sessions when they are prepared enough technically and mentally. The thing is every player is never really fully ready. You need to just do it.

No one can handle it for you. Only you can. You only need to find out a couple songs and ask to do them on stage at a blues club. Most players who run Jam sessions are very accommodating to other players who've never been to a jam session.

Ask if you can play a song you know. That way it makes you feel comfortable. But chances are you will be on stage for one last song which can only be your own. Try your bloody heart out on it, even if you cannot get it down. Be prepared to look bad. Think of it this way-- most people do not have the courage to get onstage and look like foolish.

So be prepared to learn other material, and from other musicians. Look for musicians you can jam with to learn from. Start writing your own songs. See if you can stay in with other bands. Interview musicians and offer to write articles for them at no charge. Create value for other players. Learn all you can from players, people on the business end of music and from the top magazines on playing.

In my next article I'll go into how to continue to create value for other bands, start your own band and open for other bands.

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