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Atlanta Falcons Unravelled

The Atlanta Falcons are off to a good beginning to the 09' season. Can they keep up with the New Orleans Saints all season in the NFC South division? This will be a very tough task. However, they do have some young rising stars that can help this situation.

The Atlanta Falcons were the 'darlings' of the NFL in 08' with a record of 11-5, surprising most in their success a year after compiling a record of 4-12 in 07'. While the Falcons lost to the Arizona Cardinals in the Wild Card playoff game, the future is bright for the Falcons and Matt Ryan. atlanta falcons? Regardless of how much you think you are aware about atlanta falcons, visit click for original article, and learn more about this topic..

The Atlanta Falcons ended with 11 regular season wins, the first of which came in the home opener against the Detroit Lions. Before their bye week the Falcons were able to get wins versus Kansas City, Green Bay and Chicago, but lost to two of their divisional opponents, Carolina, and Tampa Bay. They were 4-2 as they took a week off. The Falcons really hit their stride when they won versus the Oakland Raiders in week 9, coming forward with a 24-0 blowout. They won 7 of their last 9 games, including three in succession at the end, to surpass Tampa Bay in the NFC South standings and earn a spot in the playoffs. With a Wild Card spot the Falcons drew the Arizona Cardinals. Although they played valiantly, the Falcons were unable to overcome the Cardinals on the road. It was anything but a disappointing end to the year, though, as fans are invigorated around the Flacons, and Matt Ryan, in his rookie season, looks like a budding NFL superstar.

Fun With Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons got to work quickly in week 1, easily beating the Miami Dolphins, winners of the AFC East last year. The team was dealt an equally challenging opponent in week 2 in the Carolina Panthers, winners of the NFC South last year.

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